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Bee Pollen Diet Pills Side Effects

There really are not many bee pollen diet pill side effects to speak of. This pollen contains carbohydrates, vitamins minerals, proteins and has natural antioxidants. There is not one harmful item in it. The active ingredient in any b pollen diet pill is of course b pollen.

Now some diet pill makers add other herbs and things to the diet pills these may make you think you are experiencing side effects when what is really the trouble is an additive.

Why risk bee pollen diet pill side effects at all when you can get the best supplement from the source, Honey bees. Raw b pollen will help you lose those unwanted pounds. This nutritionally sound food source is a great way to get the lecithin; this substance helps to remove stored body fat and also speeds up the fat burning process.

The bee pollen itself has 22 amino acids, all of the B-complex vitamins and 12 other vitamins. This means it can make you healthier than you have ever been before. This food helps to correct chemical imbalances in the body; these imbalances are a leading cause of obesity.

No you can search the Internet and you can interview medical doctors and most will tell you there are not any real bee pollen diet pill side effects. What you may experience if you are one of the unlucky few is an allergic reaction to b pollen. This can be in the form of wheezing, coughing, nausea and vomiting. There is also a risk for a miniscule number of people of going into anaphylactic shock. This can be deadly. You can perform a tolerance test before embarking on a diet including diet pills.

To avoid bee pollen diet pill side effects use the following test: Get some raw pollen Place a granule underneath your tongue Let the grain dissolve completely and wait two hours After two hours and you have none of the signs of an allergic reaction increase the test size Keep repeating this until you have ingested enough bee pollen to equal that in a diet pill. If you make it past this point you are not likely to suffer any type of bee pollen diet pill side effects ever.