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Difference Between Cna And Lpn

We know there are different types of nurses working in hospital some perform the basic tasks and some perform the major task and have more responsibilities like Licensed Practical Nurse. They play a very important role in the healthcare profession. The licensed practical nurse usually help patients in many ways, they provide the basic help like a CNA provides by feeding, moving patient in bed, help the patients walking, surgical dressings and help them to maintain their personal hygiene. They also measures and record the patients height, weight and body temperature. Not only just this LPN will also be checking the blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, and dosage. They also prepare and give injections and perform some simple laboratory tests.

The Licensed Practical Nurse also supervises the nursing assistant. They also collect information from the patients about their health history and how they are feeling presently, they share the information with the registered nurse and doctors for better patient care. They also monitor and operate the medical equipments and they also help registered nurses and physicians to perform some tests.

There is a training program for the Licensed Practical Nurses with the duration from 9 months to 18 moths. There are many institutes with the different time duration some schools and colleges are claiming that they will help students to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in less time. It is recommended to the school to check the accreditation of that school and college with their states board of nursing. The LPN training is based on the two parts one is the theoretical which covers the major science subjects and also pharmacology, first aid, anatomy, physiology, paediatrics, medical- surgical nursing, and nutrition. For clinical part of training, students usually go to different wards and work their under supervision of the senior staff. There are some universities and colleges that have the different arrangements for such activities. After finishing the training you will be appearing in the exam,

The National Council Licensure Examination, NCLEX-PN students must have to pass this exam to get the license for the practical nursing. A practical nurse is allowed to practice without license. The exam is a computer based exam and duration is different according to the states. This license exam is administrated by The National Council of State Boards of Nursing. After passing the exam you will get the license so you can start working as Licensed Practical Nurse.

Taking the training and achieving the license for the practical fulfils the requirements for the profession however a LPN should possess sympathetic caring nature. Sometimes working with injured, sick, elderly people and with uncooperative patients become more stressful, this require the licensed nurse to be emotionally stable. They should be able to work under supervision and follow the instruction by registered nurses and doctors. There are great career progressions while working in nursing home, a licensed practical nurse can become a charge nurse who supervise the certified nursing assistant and also the licensed nurses.