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Ultracavitation Facts – Alternative To Liposuction

Ultracavitation, a non-invasive technique that is now being used to remove cellulite and unwanted tissue, is actually just another word for liposuction that is performed without surgery. Ultrasonic cavitation as it is sometimes called, is a relatively new technique that requires no sedatives and its results will most likely be permanent.

This procedure uses ultrasound to break up fat cells which are the cause of the cellulite and fat tissue that lies beneath the surface of the skin. The treatment causes the cells to become microscopic fluids that the body can eventually eliminate naturally through the urinary tract and even the lymphatic system.

Normally, ultracavitation only requires six to ten sessions, each lasting for about 20 to 30 minutes per treatment. After these initial treatments, it won’t be necessary to come back except once every four months for follow-up maintenance and treatment. The results from the initial treatments can be noticed within a few weeks. This procedure is not only painless, but because it has no health risks or side effects, it is also safe.

Ultracavitation is a simple procedure, but before your initial session, the physician will put together a plan to evaluate how much cellulite and tissue needs to be removed, and he will go over the most recent ultracavitation facts with you. When it is time for the session to begin, a gel is applied to the area that needs treatment and an ultra sound device is used to perform the treatment.

When the procedure is over, the patient is advised to drink lots of fluids, and it is also recommended that he move around slowly and easily in the beginning. Pneumatic massage is recommended to stimulate circulation to the treated areas to help eliminate the fluids faster for quicker results. Sometimes the results are noticeable as fast as shortly after the first treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a much safer procedure than liposuction to treat not only cellulite and fat tissue, but also obesity and flabbiness, and it can remove the deep fat cells of the body. The improved circulation can even rejuvenate the quality of the skin. It is a wonderful relief to use this procedure whenever diet and exercise are not enough to do the job.